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Tinker toys

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Re: Tinker toys

Some people I know had a tordado flatten their house.  The car they had parked in their attatched garage was about a quarter mile away, upside-down.
I have a bunch of pictures of the damage somewhere.  I thought of it that someone should take pics right away, before clean up started for insurance purposes, and brought my camera (the insurance guy wasn't going to make it there for a day, or maybe two, because of all the storm damage).  There are some pretty wild pictures of what a storm can do in that pile.  What impressed me most, was his disk, it was moved maybe only 10-20 feet or so, but was turned around, facing the opposite way of how he had it parked.

He had two propane tanks on the yard, one for the house heat, one for a grain dryer.  One had the valves on top of it gone completely, the other had the valve loosened (the whole valve body loose on the tank) and it was still hissing propane the next morning.



-edit-  For anyone who didn't know, those flashes of light you see in the video, are when something hits power lines.


Re: Tinker toys

I'm still finding bits and pieces of things that originated from a tornado 60-70 miles away.
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Re: Tinker toys

Amazing power in those storms.


When you see trailers flying around it makes you appreciate just how much power there is and why you should seek solid shelter instead of wait around for too many pictures.


Storm came through this area in the 1930ies and tore roof off my grandfathers barn.

Had relatively new steel sheeting on it and a farmer a couple roads away brought a piece back to show my grandfather as it still had his name written on it for shipping out the new roofing.


That same storm caught my father cultivating in a field and he only got part way back to buildings before it hit. He hid behind the horses and when it cleared there was a rafter driven into the ground just in front of the team of horses.