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To settle an important dispute

Without a doubt the most serious and divisive question to arise on this board recently has been the one about the mating habits of Hutterites which for those who missed it, ran along the lines of a travelling salesman tale.


My friend who was visiting this weekend lives in SD, did a lot of business with colonies over the years and is still very well in the loop on everything and anything going on in that part of the world.


He said that in his opinion, he seriously wouldn't rule that out one upon a time. But in the present day they have that situation quite well understood and are very careful to make sure that marriages and marriage opportunites are arranged between kids from distant colonies.


Not really going to go back to the edge of racial theory and eugenics where that landed us last time, I suppose that is inferior to very broad genetic diffusion but it is still probably a manageable situtaion.



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Re: To settle an important dispute

I missed that important discussion. what heading was it under?