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To understand liberals, watch this Bill Moyers!

Moyers interviews Harvey J Kaye, about FDR..  Towards the end Moyers asks `what would you tell a conservative that doesn`t believe that the New Deal was a success?`...Harvey answers, if we a 2 rich conservatives talking, we know government works and bennefit us, but in public we have to critize government.  FDR called for "Catholic and Jewish Lawyers" to go to Wallstreet and "work for them ...learn how to control them" ha ha ha. ...There you have it.   At the very end of the show Moyers talks about his dad that chopped cotton, worked hard and thought the world of FDR and cried the day FDR died. 


I would encourage everyone to watch the Moyers interview, of course many of you will come away from it with 2 totally different opinions and that`s okay, but the show explains things from a "Inside Baseball" way that you don`t hear everyday.  

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Re: To understand liberals, watch this Bill Moyers!

What a load of propaganda and little wonder you would find comfort in those words and steer clear of the truth. Stick to your filthy bible comrade and stay away from those communists.