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Today's observations

Good Sunday (although its almost shot as I write this)


A couple of things.  I spent some time with a friend of mine.

Understand, they have no TV, and listens to music they

Like on the radio (rock)..only listens to conservative

Talk radio, and no internet connection.

They are in early 60, and have a small farm.

I am frankly amazed at some things that come out

Of their mouth....first, trump is one of the most

Popular president in history, and his approval

Rate is one of the highest in history...then how

The Russians did nothing to impact our elections,

How our biggest problem is mexico...and no matter

What he has done, its worth it to protect our guns.

Yes, my friend is not like most around here.

You can pick them out easy at a farm gathering.

I don't say much....because I'll be told I'm wrong,

I just hold my tounge and visit, and help

When needed.


Second, I was catching up on my long hair stuff.

Watched a video from UCSD on liver disease

And management.  It was a couple months old.

Fatty liver disease was discussed.  The norm, the

Review of the disease process, current research

On management, and new compounds being

Tested and on the horizon.

At the end, Q&A and an interesting question brought

Up.  The cost of the was $70,000

A year, another over $100,000 per year.

For a newer diabetic drug that goes along with

It, $12,000 a year.

This doctor asked, would it not be better...and

Cheaper, to pay these people to stay at a facility

Or pay period..and also pay all food costs....

Basicly, your job, is your disease.

In this instance, diet is the best medication...

So in 6 months to a year, the condition would

Be under patients $3,000 a month,

Give $1,000 a month for food, and $60 month

Gym would be more effective

Than medication...and $20,000 a year cheaper !!!


The room was silent..,then filled with applause.



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Senior Contributor

Re: Today's observations

I would rather stay at a facility than a pay period. These people... your job. Misuse of pronouns confuse the hell out of people.

The high cost of medication is to cover research and development and a reasonable profit though pharmaceutical companies gouge. Are you paying “these people” (or me as you alternately reference) to research medicine? Are “these people” who are being institutionalized to be allowed to go home and spend holidays with families? Conjugal visits? I tried to follow your post. I swear I did.
Senior Advisor

Re: Today's observations

I think the basic idea that the doctor was trying to
Raise, was the high cost of medications.
The idea was, it would be cheaper to pay people
To take care of themselves, to include the
Money to have a "healthy" diet....rather than all
The meds currently taking to help the problem.

In some cases, such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease...or even Alcohol induced disease...of
Which it is estimated that almost 20% of the
Population has.
A 6 month to a year program, of excersise, weight
Loss, doctor visits, etc....would rid much of
The fat, and additional benefits of lower
Blood sugar, or allow the gi track to
Heal from alcohol.
In the above, it might be more cost effective compaired to say $12,000 for victosa, and
A couple of advanced anti inflammatory agents
Which are close relationship to some cancer
Drugs, of which one was $70,000 per year and
Another, has a pricetag of almost $400,000
Per year !!

This concept is far different from our current "treat
It when you get it" rather than "nip it in the bud".

The question is...would this be done by "society"
Or Insurance company.... actually, for an insurance
Company it might be cheaper, than the medication
And medical care.

Clear as mud now ?? 😨
Senior Contributor

Re: Today's observations

So let’s fantasize for a moment that half of the people forced into these facilities had the determination and discipline to change their lifestyle. That would reduce these particular health problems by half. Actually much less than half because genetics and other considerations cause diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But for the sake of argument let’s say half. That would leave the other half paying the research, development and incentives which is by far the biggest cost. Expense of hospitalization and doctors and other items would be reduced. But you haven’t figured the cost of Constantine wire, chain link, alarm systems and guards. Ninety percent of people who do lose weight and change their lifestyle go back so you will need to confine people for years and this leaves only old folks and children to bring us food. You will also have to allow millions of more wetbacks to do the work the confined subjects (former citizens) would otherwise be doing