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Today was a above average warm day, and continued to be dry, with little if any rain in the last couple of months

and none in the forecast.  People gathered in the churchs for the second day of advent......

my name is elcheapo......I wear overalls........ my try at the opening of dragnet isn't the greatest.


Just trying to interject some humor.......think I need a bigger syringe......might need the kind that a hose goes to the

500 ml vial..


I visited a lot today.  it was nice to set on the benchs of the churchs with the sun coming thru the glass, it kind of even

got warm.  most everyone is done.  Talk was about "things"......a lot was "how are we going to get thru next year".

Even the big boys said they had to let go of some grain to pay bills and the like.

A lot of talk about price projections for next year....many sources say this may continue for at least a COUPLE MORE

YEARS.  One fellow was just wanting to go a couple more years but didn't know if he will make it.  Between

low prices, and rising input cost,and even faster rising cost of living.

Then talk of war.......may worry about this, they hear the news, they hear the name young lady

was somewhat upset. Her husband is in the military, and she is worried.  He's live thru a couple of

tours in the world hot spots, but she says this north korea thing has her worried.  


one well really both were on the nobody knows the day nor the hour of the return of jesus.....but maybe with

everything going on, maybe a sign ?


I read a couple of things about trump and the NK leader later tonight......and I just don't know.

NK wants to be acknowaged by the world, and being a small country, this is really their only way

to make everyone to sit up and pay attention.....

Trump.....I just don't understand.  Questions are starting to bubble up about his health..

and his handling of the whole situation.


where do we go from here...I don't know.  I hope and pray cooler heads will prevail....but Washington is just

such. a funny place anymore I don't know.


Christmas partys starting, but don't think i'll go to many.......just not in the mood.

I remember when a kid, my grand parents place and community building was a buzz all the time.  would have

get togethers....with food, dance, and some, the young bucks stay back where the

beer is, the wives with the kids are in another part of the building, kids running around, hollering and yelling.

A dj starts to play music.....the only people on the dance flour are the little kids running and hollering,

the young guys still standing around the beer cooler, and the wives getting tired.

never used to see that years ago

in in the bars I've noticed, people complain that they can't taste the alchol in their idea was

you wanted it to taste good, and not burn going in nor coming out......does not seem that way anymore.

I remember in the winter months my grandparents had a card party once a month...all the neighbors showed pushed back with card tables in several rooms......good food, grandpa usually had some

sort of refreshments out on the all over the kitchen counter, on top of the frig, etc.....coats

on the beds in one room, pooped out kids in a couple other bedrooms.....people laughing, jolly......

today, very few if any neighbors.


I run across this on youtube.....while it's Christmas music, which usually puts me in a good mood, 

kind of makes me sad


its the old songs I remember being played at my grandparents place. All those memories,

and many of neighbors and family gone, and things being so much different.


the song I hate the most....."have yourself a merry little Christmas".


but I guess I should remember my physics.....what goes up, must come down, and vise versa.


enjoy the season


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Re: Today

My cup runneth over. I'm sorry that yours, isn't.

 Life is good. Folks are buying horses again. I'm just about sold out of hay. A new customer stopped by and got some hay, today.  I'm rebuilding all new cattle fences on the farm. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Today

I am happy for you and hope for your
Continued success. Merry Christmas
Veteran Advisor

Re: Today

And Happy Holidays.....too (gulp) all....


Tick Tock....BONGx10!!!!!!!!!!