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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Todays Good News

I`m sure many of you`ve seen this, in Perth Australia a man gets his leg caught between the platform and train....everbody cooperates, those in the train move to the otherside of the car and all those on the outside push the train to free his leg. 


I don`t know if that would work on the Washington DC Metros, the doors shut and off it goes, I once saw a day-dreaming tourist get smacked in the head for being too slow and separated from his group.



Here`s a place that`s on my bucket list, Marcy Jo`s Mealhouse in Pottsville Tennessee.  Looks good, but it sounds like they pretty much make one different dish each day, so if it`s meatloaf day, you`d better like meatloaf.  Marcy Jo is Rory`s sister, from the Joey and Rory singing dou. 


I wanna rock and roll all night and part of everyday ♪     🙂