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Senior Advisor

Toldya Bruce

Federal police forcing coming. Now you will become the biggest supporter.


Minneapolis police are bringing in outside help as they try to temper violence that killed four people this weekend alone, including a college senior who was out celebrating graduation.

Mayor Jacob Frey said the city has asked state and federal agencies for assistance.

Arradondo said federal agencies also will help.

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Re: Toldya Bruce

Not sure where you are going with this but I’m somewhat thinking you are attempting to tie the  rise in gun related criminality, which btw is endemic in cities both Red and Blue in both Red and Blue states all around the country, to the events here of a year ago.

Guns weren’t a big part of that.  They are of this.

Senior Contributor

Re: Toldya Bruce

Blue cities. 

Blame it on guns as if the guns commit the crime. 

Solid red county here, full to the brim with guns, no one is getting shot.

Maybe it's democrat governance.

Senior Advisor

Re: Toldya Bruce

The budding of a gestapo federalized police force to take up where the defunded local police have failed.

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Toldya Bruce

Bruce, please list a few of the "Red" cities where gun violence is out of control.


Not talking about a big Blue city in a red state.....give us the Red City you referenced.