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Senior Advisor

Tom Coburn for president?

Why don't you Repubs take a hard look as a serious man. There are lotz of folks that appreciate the senator and respect him even if they don't agree with him. It's ok if you folks want to pile on and agree with me.

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bruce MN

Re: Tom Coburn for president?

He's most certainly been working hard these past few days.


Coburn one of the reasons, among many, that I miss the old Dylan Ratigan Show.  He had Sen. Coburn on quite often.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Tom Coburn for president?

Tom Coburn has a 100% rating from the NRA and a 7% rating from the National Association of Liberal Colored People, also has in favor of putting up a Mexican tight fence at the border.....hell yes, I'll vote for him! But I doubt that he comes with a big enough bag of goodies and fairy dust for you Democrats Smiley Happy