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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Tornado hits in Bruce's Area

I don't always but the incidence where you leave yourself wide is so often it requires it. You continually place your Christian beliefs at a higher level than others. In this instance it was offering assistance to a fellow colleague.

You have a little habit of such things in an attempt to create a divide. You wouldn't know it because of your false view of yourself, that is, a pompous, pretentious godbothering Tartuffe. Your bad habits protrude a lot further than your invisible good ones. So in closing , don't deny your extension of assistance was as hollow as a drum but it made you look extremely generous from your point. Big deal

But I must say how my other comment drew you in with a reply containing instructions for me. That is an example how you treat people. But it also provided another opportunity for me to stick it up you again, for which I thank you.

Maybe next time you inflate your chest with generosity you will be aware I am there to **bleep** it and expose your insincerity.

I won't enter the debate over guns here or there because in both instances you know nothing about it. You have the mob mentality in that respect and enjoy the Wild West days each day. Keep praying to god, your guns and the GOP - that is the full package of worship for the right wing nut jobs in America.
Senior Advisor

Re: Tornado hits in Bruce's Area

God loves you Gouch. No...really..... he loves you as much as he does His own Mother.