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Toronto and the anthem

A little techical problem had the mic quit while the anthem was being sung before the hockey game in Toronto last night.


To see what happened after that you can use this link


They continued on after the clip ends to sing the Canadian anthem too but they always sing along to that one.

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Re: Toronto and the anthem

Saw that on the news last night. Impressive response by the crowd. Sorry to say, but I don't think a US crowd would be able to pick up on the Canadian anthem nearly that well in a similar situation.

Senior Contributor

Re: Toronto and the anthem

May not be quite the same but after the mental case shot the soldier in Ottawa and then was gunned down inside the Parliament building I think there was a hockey game in the Us between 2 US teams which usually means no Canadian national anthem.

Because of the Ottawa events they played the Canadian national anthem too and the crowd joined in.

The difference would be that the mic probably kept working to help lead them in the anthem but they were able to join in so maybe those hockey fans would surprise you.