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Tough day for the Snopes Family

Appeals Court panel rules unanimously against El Dumpo on travel ban.


House Ethics Committee shuts down Kellyanne Pinnochio for trying to bail out Ivanka from the "unintended" consequences of her Dad being batsh!t crazy (go figure on that, but whatcha gonna do except ride the horse that got you there).


Next thing you know there won't even be a special place in 'Murca for tacky, phony billionaire folk.


*As in The Rievers- just need to run some mules out on the train tracks and collect some insurance to make things right.

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Re: Tough day for the Snopes Family

No surprise on the court ruling. Liberal hacks. Not sure how non citizens are protected under the constitution. Cry me a river Conway defended Ivanka.
Potus has responsibility of protecting the citizens of this country.