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Toxic masculinity

I think I have figured out what this cry from leftist feminists is all about. After many years of trying to prove they can do anything a man can do, regardless of strength requirements or other demands, they have decided it would just be easier to bring men down.
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Re: Toxic masculinity

It's all about power.  Who can blame women for seeking power?  

Re: Toxic masculinity


I'm actually not in the least bit surprised.

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Re: Toxic masculinity

I don't think it is 'power' that most are looking for but equal treatment.


At least no more women seeking 'power' than there are men seeking 'power' but many women are tired of being ignored when decisions are made and left working for fewer $ than a man would get doing the same job.

PLUS they are tired of having to fend off unwanted approaches from men who are in superior positions to them.