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Re: Trade war

BA  - interesting  figures -  imported to US  - vegetables , animal feed  ?  ?  ?


-  fruits &  nuts to them ,  nice - - -    

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Re: Trade war

Verifies what one gets  a feel for on this site----US specializes in fruits and nuts!


Who woulda thot.

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Re: Trade war

Here are some for you to look at tiger



Canada was once again the leading destination for U.S. food and agricultural exports in 2017, with total

export value surpassing $20 billion. U.S. exports of high-value food and beverage products to Canada

($16.3 billion) represented 25 percent of total U.S. consumer-oriented agricultural exports globally.

The top export categories included: fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, meat, prepared foods,

snack foods and soft drinks.



Over the last three decades, the main reason for strong increases in trade with Canada was the

passage of the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement in 1988, followed by the North American Free

Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. These trade agreements eliminated nearly all tariffs on U.S.

exports to Canada, significantly improving export opportunities for U.S. producers.

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Re: Trade war

Cute sasktel, cute.

Canada wants to know

about the $30B slush fund in the Farm Bill that was bandied about for offset to losses for US farmers.


As far as I know it was nothing more than talk- doesn't look like the Farm Bill is happening this year as it has been held hostage over other contentious political issues.


If it was the case it would be a clear violation of WTO but the US managed to stall Brazil's case on cotton for many years before quietly agreeing to pay the a half $B a year in order to keep subsidizing cotton farmers.


I'm actually not 100%, but skeptical in the current political climate, about BA's blithe assertions that none of this matters for farmers because they'll just give us new subsidies.



Re: Canada wants to know

“Farmers” are who the poultry and swine industries have taught us.  There is no sector as we all have come to presume over our time as such creatures.


As a local govt administrator said to me once about one of his lifer board members...nice old guy who people liked and nobody wanted to upset by running against...  “The guy died a couple of years ago but nobody has had the heart to tell him”.


This is a trabsitionary moment unless there would be some radical shift in politics. Although if there were, it might be tough to muster up support among the winners in that having happened for a sector that would be roundly seen as a big part of the problem.


All the old time populists of my youth way back in the 50s and 60s as the countryside trudged along  would say “It’s going to come to where “they” will need to go to land reform.”. Little did they know that when that day came it wouldn’t be some populism driven re-divide to 40 acres and a mule...or 160 acres and a tractor... but rather,


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Re: Trade war

(Verifies what one gets a feel for on this site----US specializes in fruits and nuts!)


LOL - That's funny.


Quite a few of our Hollywood / entertainment fruits and nuts folks did actually threaten to self-export to Canada after Trump was elected.  As far as I know and unfortunately for us, they were all idle threats.



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Re: Trade war

Give you some credit....That was funny...

If we want to do limited autarky

a coherent policy would be good. But the current crop of rabble rousers don't do policy and the POTUS' hit and runs seem more intended to fracture the western alliances than accomplish anything (what a Putin mole would do, BTW).


I'd suggest something akin to the Buffett Plan, with import/export certs traded to ensure a trade balance at the end of the year. We'd have to withdraw from all existing bi and multi=lateral agreements but it would work, with some pain. That would be unless the entire rest of the world chose to not play, but I think they would since they still need access to our market.


Would be very beneficial to "agriculture" .


One problem would be the name- WB is a Bad Person since he's nominally an old Truman Dem and was on good terms with he whose name shall not be mentioned.