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Senior Advisor

Tradeau a brainless twit? Obama puppet?

An embarrassment on the national stage for sure.


Yo, mainstream and social media, resource-rich Canada, pays a mere 1.2% for their own national security.

The last time Trudeau went viral it was as “Blackface” and “Brownface”.

Before that it was insulting the good people of India by dressing himself and his entire family what he perceived as India dress.

The ‘Mr. Dressup’, who you can dress up but not take anywhere, is not only two-faced but multi-faced. He’s not only two-faced, but a married man and father of three children who double-identifies as a feminist.

Launched into the Canadian prime minister’s office by ex-President Barack Obama, whose top election campaign talent helped get him elected back in October of 2015; then openly endorsed by Obama for reelection five days before the October 2019 election, Trudeau now seems to travel the world as a puppet for America’s self-appointed “Resistance” leader.

Far worse than his being “two-faced”, Mr. President, the Canadian Prime Minister, is a Barack Obama-rehearsed brainless twit, and one of the many world ‘leaders’ hoping that by jumping on the Impeachment bandwagon, will get their utter incompetence a people pass.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Tradeau a brainless twit? Obama puppet?

I think two faced fits him well...

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Tradeau a brainless twit? Obama puppet?

Or perhaps our POTUS.

His net lifetime economic gain is sharply negative if you add his inheritance and net worth and subtract what he's cost banks, bondholders, partners and vendors.