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Traffic cameras?

Listening to radio while hauling corn again today and one topic was traffic cameras used by some cities to issue tickets for speeding or running red lights.  In Iowa a Repub state legislator is trying to pass a bill banning the use of these traffic cameras.  I had read in the past of one legislator that was a retired highway patrolman who was against the use of these cameras and am not sure if this is same guy pushing the bill. 


I'm not surprised that some legislators would not want the ban as many cities have turned the cameras into big sources of revenue.  However I was surprised to hear the bill sponsor complaining that he had some Dems that agree to sign on to help bring it to the floor for discussion and vote but the Dems have now backed out so it looks like the bill will miss the cut off and not be brought up this year.  I was a little surprised that only Repubs would back this as I used to think that Repubs were the more gun ho and fighting crimes and would be more willing to push the limits of intruding on peoples lives while Dems would more likely be against the use of traffic camera or similar big brother type police actions. 


Curious if any other states have banned traffic cameras?


One interesting note on this topic came from a policeman who said that some cities make the mistake of cutting back on patrol man hours to save money after installing the cameras which issue far more tickets then the cops ever did.  Seems many crimes are discovered by good police work during routine traffic stops. 



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Re: Traffic cameras?

Arizona got rid of them on the highways but some cities still use them on red lights. They used to man the movable cars until some rambo pulled up beside one of them and shot about 5-6 times through the door and mirrored window and killed the guy. Shortly after that, they pulled even the permanent ones. It was against the citizens right to violate the law on speeding!