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Trudeau bigger scandal than blackface

Trudeau, 48, found himself facing a third investigation for conflict of interest in a little over three years last week after his government awarded a sole-sourced, C$900 million ($662.9 million) government contract to WE Charity Canada to administer a student grant program.....WE Charity disclosed it paid honoraria to Trudeau’s mother, Margaret, amounting to C$250,000 ($184,000) for speaking at some 28 events, while his brother, Alexandre, received about C$32,000 ($23,540). The payments were handed out between 2016-2020, during Trudeau’s first mandate. 

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bruce MN

Re: Trudeau bigger scandal than blackface

Poor sap sitting at 70% approval. But as here, maybe all of that support comes out of Toronto, Quebec City, Hamilton, Montreal, Vancouver etc. etc. Places where there are very few “real Canadians”.

One big thing tho’ if he were to crash and burn over this decision by a charity to decide for itself who can speak too it’s staff and donors (rather than getting trademarks for your kid from a foreign nation for shoes and purses as part of official trade negotiations  or putting a daughter and son in law in levels of government that require high security clearance yet deigning to have them get it) Christia Freelund would step in to his spot until elections were held and would likely be the prohibitive favorite to replace him. Which be the best result of a North American election since 1944.