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Senior Advisor

Truely a culture of death

May God forgive us and have mercy on our sinful souls. Life is cheap. Not only is it cheap, many profit from bringing it to an end. No wonder society is in the crapper.




There's the individual mandate, the employer mandate, and the “contraceptive” mandate in Obamacare. Now get ready for the full-fledged abortion mandate.

During oral arguments in March, when trying to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to let it force Hobby Lobby to comply with its contraceptive mandate, the Obama administration made a striking admission.

Hobby Lobby and its lawyers from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty had argued that the government’s position, if accepted, would allow the government to force people to pay for abortions.

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Re: Truely a culture of death

The solution for these companies is probably to drop all coverage and pay the tax penalty. If some one wants baby murder coverage they can buy it for themselves. The progressives want to destroy anyone who may disagree with them, for people who talk diversity they don't respect it in the slightest in anyone off their plantation.


There is a rabid infection right now running through the progressive camps, building, feeding on itself, but its hard to tell how much the general population is influenced. This income inequality meme they've got going. They've convinced themselves that all the evils in there world are solvable by taking the money of the very wealthy. But as you know it'll never really hit the very wealthy. Dangerous territory these people want to enter, but they seem to have pretty wide support, and the pols will feed on that.  We're in for a rough ride.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Truely a culture of death

I agree that we are in perilous times when it comes to earth shattering property redistribution schemes. We have people with access to power and media that advocate South African style shakeups. Even a couple of guys here that managed to hang on to a quarter section of family property want the so-called BTO's broken up. Its always the guy that has a few more marbles than you that should be the target....that is how it works.


George Washington would be the most reviled man in America if Harry Reid was able to target him the way he goes after the Koch brothers. The USA has fallen on hard times , and its due to liberal scum like Reid.