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Senior Contributor

Re: Truly sick m f

(border wall)

Yea you and the mexican cartels there bruceQ, those dang sick people that want to stop henderson's human smuggling and fentanyl deaths.

But ok for the taxpayer funded wall around biden's beach home.

Senior Advisor

Re: Truly sick m f

What a tool.


Border crossers, who arrived in New York City on buses from Texas, are refusing to leave a luxury Manhattan hotel that city officials had placed them in.

Over the weekend, city officials sought to move migrants out of the Watson Hotel in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan and to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal where Mayor Eric Adams has constructed a massive shelter for new arrivals.

Many of the border crossers staying at the Watson Hotel, paid for by taxpayers, are refusing to leave and have instead set up a homeless encampment outside the hotel. There, they are demanding the city “cancel rent” and provide them with “permanent homes.”

Senior Contributor

Re: Truly sick m f


What’s an extra five or six million additional, low skilled and poorly educated illegal aliens between friends...err...I mean, between states? Judging by the recent mid term election results, I dare say the American people are more or less satisfied with President Biden’s & bi partisan Washington, DC’s border policy status quo.

The 2022 election was a vote for more of the same. More of Alejandro Majorkas, Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Katie Hobbs, and many others.

Let’s just home no one bothers to ever notice the local wait times increasing in their emergency rooms, the demographic changes in their local school districts, increases in local crime statistics, the stagnating wages for those living in one of the bottom sixty percent households, or the increased property taxes needed to pay for all of the uninvited new arrivals.

Vox populi...I guess.