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Re: You get your facts from where?

Re: You get your facts from where?

  Grow up!  Stop your hate mongering, this is no reason to hate all muslims, or to make  them American enemies and waste American blood and treasure doing the fascist zinocons dirty work.  but your actions testifies that hate and deception is your passion and religion, isn't it.

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Re: Everyone? Maybe, the other drunk sitting next to you.

and you had a chance to learn something... well john, live on in bliss

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Re: Truman diary

@verbatime wrote:

Sort of confused on the order of things and who showed who how... Islam was invented in 610 AD.


  • Within 100 years of the invention of Islam, Muslims had wiped out 80% of all Christians on the face of the planet with the sword. The modern "Orthodox" church (eastern, Byzantine) was almost entirely destroyed. Before this Islamic-initiated holocaust, the Byzantine church was 5 times larger than the "western/roman Catholic" church. Today the Roman Catholic church is 10 times larger than the Orthodox, as a testimony to this slaughter they endured at the hands of the Muslims. Had this slaughter not occurred, the Orthodox church would be 10 times larger than the Roman Catholic today.

Reread my post and you will see I said religion is often the excuse but there is usually a lot more to it.

What you are probably referring to is the Caliphe's (sp?) that rulled over a large area in that time.

Believe there was even a division in their family over who or what should rule.

Yes they conquered a large area from the Atlantic to Idia I think and the new religion of Mohamad went with them.

Did they kill 80% of all christians??? that seems over done.

The Byzantine Empire continued on into 1000AD or longer I believe and it was the centre of the Byzantine church which had the Eastern Orthodox church as its state religion or at least one of the divisions or sub divisions of that church.

Then there were the adherants to the Roman branch of the christian church.

80% seems highly inflated. Probably written by the winners which is where the only records of what happened back then came from. Not sure there are any accounts from the losing side of those battles and I think a lot of the records that are written were written a number of years after the fact.

You know verbal stories passed down and then recorded by later generations.


Will look for sources if you like but what is your source?