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Not over...IRS and HHS

Can easily "implode" the standing ACA by how they enforce it and how they interpret and implement it. 


HHS has the ability to dry up access to coverage in many states with a snap of the fingers.


In the usual manner of so many in the GOP.  Proclaim that government doesn't work, get in to power and then assure that it doesn't.


Will all depend on what the leadership decides to do. Toughest part of that will be the three ring circus tussle over who or what the leadership actually is.....Trump/Bannnon?  Tea Party/Freedom Caucus? Ryan/Heritage Foundation?  Koch/Chamber of Commerce?  Goldman Sachs?


Best, of course, would be McCain/Murkowski/Sasse/Collins etc. but I would imagine the informal moderate caucus will be the last to be consulted and will have to keep running triage after the carnage created by others trying to blow things up.

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Re: Trump Draws Line

MCcain?? You can't be serious

Re: Trump Draws Line

it's been quite something over this past decade to watch the alt-news, web active corners of the GOP spread and come to the conclusion that all and everything that is wrong with the conservative/GOP side of America is personified in John McCain.


Somehow they blame him for the ascent of Barack Obama, after he was saddled with a freak show running mate by the Heritage and Bible thumping crowd acting in collusion, unquestionably ruining his chances.  


Only to attempt to be gracious in defeat, after having had the nerve to correct radical wingbats at campaign events when they questioned his opponents origins and character.


This jerk of your knee here is a (not surprising) confirmation of what inspires your "conservative" leanings.