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Trump Gives Intelligence Agencies Their Daily Briefing


NEW YORK—Sitting down with top officials from the CIA, FBI, and Defense Intelligence Agency in a Trump Tower conference room, President-elect Donald Trump reportedly gave U.S. intelligence agencies their daily briefing Tuesday morning. “With the inauguration just weeks away, the president-elect held a meeting today to bring leaders of the intelligence community up to speed on critical information that will affect his diplomatic and defense decisions as the nation’s commander-in-chief,” said Reince Priebus, Trump’s chief of staff, noting that the president-elect was planning to give briefings to intelligence officials every morning during his presidency in order to keep them closely apprised of the greatest areas of concern and latest threats to the nation. “There’s a considerable amount of secret and highly sensitive intel about military operations and diplomatic affairs that only Mr. Trump has the expertise to provide, and it’s imperative that he convey these findings to our nation’s intelligence directors. This is an invaluable service provided by Mr. Trump, and these meetings will be as frequent and as thorough as necessary to ensure the urgent information that Mr. Trump has gathered reaches those in our intelligence community.” Priebus added that the specifics covered during the briefings would be kept classified, as much of it would be incredibly shocking to the American populace.

Source: Onion



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Senior Contributor

Re: Trump Gives Intelligence Agencies Their Daily Briefing

They should just follow his tweets, stay informed that way.

Senior Contributor

Re: Trump Gives Intelligence Agencies Their Daily Briefing

If I were President-elect Trump, I would bring my own independent team of super IT hackers to any meeting with the FBI/CIA/NSA/DIA experts.


The government spooks might be able to blow a great deal of algorithmic & coding smoke about what was or was not done by the Russians (or anyone else) for 99.99% of the population. They will not, however, get a free ride when explaining their detailed evidence to guys who make seven figure bones fighting in the cyber-security wars on behalf of corporate America.


Caveat emptor Mr. Trump...but especially when it involves government agencies that have been both politically weaponized in the past eight years or ones that have been so systemically wrong in their analysis and recommendations in the past.


[Anyone else remember CIA Director George Tennant confidently saying; "Our intelligence tells us that finding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction will be a slam dunk, Mr. President?"]