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Trump Mortgage


I'm not making this up, he entered the mortgage business in 2006, closed it down in 2008.


The subprime mortgage brokerage biz did seem like a surefire scam- at least everybody else was getting rich.


You or I are "smarter" than Trump if you don't count bullying and bluster, greasing palms and structuring speculative businesses in such a way that the lenders and bondholders end up holding the bag.


Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's give him the nuclear launch codes.

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Re: Trump Mortgage

It just does not matter Nox.


he is scratching their racist and bigot itch, oh, and he has a hot wife, that seems to be important as well.........


they so wish to be him that their judgement is clouded over.

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Re: Trump Mortgage


That was covered in the vid I posted yesterday.


starting at the 10:15 mark or so.


The bit about Trump Steaks ( the best ) being sold at Sharper Image was particulaly amusing.