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Trump Pleads Guilty

guess he was trying all along to influence the 2020 elections by doing a stellar job as POTUS...…!

they got him!

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Re: Trump Pleads Guilty

I couldn`t be happier with President Trump`s first term, he fights tirelessly for everything he campaigned on.  

When I was a kid, we had a drainage contractor out every summer doing projects.  And I recall some of his humorous observations of Washington DC  in the 1970s "I`d fumigate the whole mess and start over with new people and if I was president I wouldn`t last long, they`d say I was worse than hitler!"   Carlyle has long passed away, but other than him, it seems Trump is the only one that can put up with the crap and keep his promises... drain the swamp...fumigate the whole mess half dozen of one 6 of the other.   But ol` Carlyle could drain a swamp, his old dragline bucket swinging, coal black smoke, he could drain the swamp and fumigate the survivors   Smiley Happy


Re: Trump Pleads Guilty

November 2020 cannot come soon enough to show the snowflakes that 2016 was not an outlier.

The US commodity group leaders are sure after Trump's hide, though....must be some of their Ox's getting gored.