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Veteran Advisor

Trump: The Great Deal Maker

On Full display now in the House.


I was told a long time ago, that when you go into an interview, and sit down to lunch with the person that is interviewing you, to not salt the food, before you taste it.


Since the day Trump took office, his job has been to stick as much crap in the face of the former President, as fast and as vengefully as he could.  He has absolutely no intention, of coming to agreement with anyone.  He has his own agenda, always has, and he told the American people what they wanted to hear.  And it got him elected.  The hard part now, is that America actually thought that he was telling the truth, and that he was really the big deal maker and business man that they thought that he was.  Trump is for Trump.  (Where have I heard that before?)


And it was, as we know now, all just a big friggin' lie, perpetuated by a really, really good con man.


This health care proposal is a joke...and absolute joke.  You know it, I know it, the American people know it, people around the world knows it.  And Congress knows it.


I doubt there will be a vote tonight.  The Republicans know they simply don't have the votes.  SAD!!!  They are afraid to bring the first vote to the floor, because it is going to embarrASS  our new so called president.  Too bad - bring it to the vote.  Thank you, you Republicans, who know enough to say, "No" to this piece of crap.  7 years to work on.  A president who had this secret plan for health care, and all, like always, a pack of lies.


America needs to get rid of this guy, and the Republican 'do nothing but bitch Congress', ASAP.  In the meantime, it's time to take away security clearances from this administration.    NOW - before it gets worse.


Tick Tock....