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Veteran Advisor

Trump - The Stable Genius...


Here is the test that Trump took, that he was so proud of acing... Test.jpg



Trump is so PROUD of his ability to ace that cognitive test.   It seems to me, that someone who is a “stable genius” would’ve taken much, much harder tests in the past, and his comments, instead of gloating about how he passed this test, would be like mine - that cognitive test is very simplistic.  

It doesn’t test for intelligence by any means.  It tests for severe mental impairment - not intelligence - and somebody as smart as Trump claims he is, would know that.  

I’ve taken the test.   A few years ago, in the doctors office when a drug I was prescribed was messing with my mental abilities - and I still aced the test.  I down loaded it yesterday, and I aced it again.  And it is STILL a very simplistic test, and not meant to do what Trump claims it is.

Here - you want to try a real test of your mental abilities - try this one:

Here's another one:

And Trump was so proud of his "acing" of the test....BS is all it is....

Republicans can't win an election, without lying.....