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Re: Any Democrat WILL kill your dog

Really struggling with all of this external platform building. 

What comes out of the convention next summer might be a huge disappointment to you. 



Re: Any Democrat WILL kill your dog

The democrats should just enlist the services of Kathy Griffin, and have her holding a bloody baby by the head as the main feature of the convention. Might as well keep it as simple as possible, and still get the graphics out there.

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Re: Trump WILL kill your dog

(BTW, what does the KKK call itself now that it admits catholics?)

I thought the kkk was anti-catholic so I don't know; and I don't get the kkk newsletter - what it the answer?  

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Re: Trump WILL kill your dog


Trump is going to take away your health care, raise your taxes, eliminate your job, take away your right to an abortion, limit your right to vote, turn your air and water brown, cut your Social Security and Medicare.

The only problem with that is that is what Democrats have been saying about EVERY Republican since the days of Reagan. Nobody believes it anymore."   


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