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Trump and Rural America

first......i'm dedicating the following song to the trump supporters in the rural areas  Smiley Indifferent


well.............YOU got what you wanted.


I'm reminded of the saying, be careful what you wish for, you might get it......and indeed you did


Agriculture is #3 behind EPA and State department.......what does that say what we are thought of ?  then the budget cuts

in departments that directly impact.......such as elimination for funding for rural commercial air to drive a couple

hundred miles to catch a flight ?   rural transportation.....block grants..etc....etc....and the list goes on and on....on not to mention

the headaches over healthcare, of which a large number are directly impacted by the "trump" health program, because many

are independent and self employed....

and we haven't seen the last shoe to drop.....what about trade agreements.......china is not happy with us on several things,

mexico donesn't want to even talk to us......and just what will you think will happen to the idea of increasing the RFS to 15 %

if we are drilling everywhere, and you have state and other departments headed up by oil.......just how long do you think RFS

will be around ??  and if that goes.........katty bar the door.


but........we knew something was afoot........the ag secy was the last announced, and his paperwork was not submitted until last



this is not only about farmers but rural communities......oh by the way, care to hear what rural hospital associations have to say

about the new healthcare program......where you'll see more people loosing insurance, already low medicade funding........


how many miles are you going to travel to see a doctor or have a procedure ??



add in the low commodity prices, difficulties in healthcare/insurance cost, and now all of the above, and uncertain times

about RFS, exports............and rising interest rates...and agriculture uses a lot of money, higher rates will mean higher costs....


I thought I would never consider it time hang up the keys to the tractor  ?????????


my friends, i'm sorry to say, the time may have "tweety bird would tweet"     "sad...very sad".



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Re: Trump and Rural America

Yes, sad, very sad. Trump is for Trump. And I, and many others, have said that from the start.

Remember, I told you so....and, as almost always.....

Tick Tock....

Veteran Advisor

Re: Trump and Rural America

jen, question if you want to answer.  I see where they want air traffic to become "private"........


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Re: Trump and Rural America

About time the waste is ended. The free ride is over and you need to work for what you get.

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Re: Trump and Rural America

There are some jobs that need to be done by the government - military, law enforcement, fire fighting, air traffic control. Maybe some others. It has to do with the liability of the workers in case of an accident.

More later....

BA Deere
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Re: Trump and Rural America

Obamacare doubled everyone`s premiums and raised their deductible...why don`t we pass "Trumpcare" and see what`s in it?  Smiley Very Happy  


If Mexico isn`t talking to us ...good! then they won`t be so apt to come here, we run a $60 billion trade deficit ...we have "hand".  If they want to import Argentine corn for 80¢ MORE, then fine screw `em, we`ll sell to those places that the Argentine corn would`ve went.   On E-15, are we sure that some engines on the road can handle that high of blend?  One little motor problem and ALL Ethanol gets the blame and a lawsuit could push us back 30yrs.  I say have more blender pumps and push them into the Northeast where ethanol is lacking, tap into that market and consumers see that E-85 is a buck cheaper, that will grow our market better than forcing E-15 on everyone.


China has never done us any favors unless they got a 2 for 1 payback in their own pocket, we run a $360 Billion trade deficit with them so we also have "hand" but having hand does no good unless you`re going to use it.  I guarandamnedtee that China uses any hand they have. 


The secretary of agriculture isn`t going to save a single fledgling farm, Tom Vilsack didn`t and Sonny Perdue won`t, the public sentiment isn`t there for a 1980`s farm debt write-off...besides I don`t know if I want some of these greedy Bigshots getting  bailed out again, I`m still pissed about the 80`s bailout.