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Trump and Sanders responsible for stock market???

2 weeks before the Iowa caucus and a single primary nomination cast, this worse stock market start since the depression is caused by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders doing well in the polls???


That is retarded!  I thought the economy was so strong and unemployment so low that the fed could raise rates 1/4%?  Why isn`t Jeb and Hillary the front runners if the status quo was correct?  people with a full belly and a pocket full of cash seldom want to change horses in the middle of the creek.



*Establishment fear porn.

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Re: Trump and Sanders responsible for stock market???

There is surely some considerable moral hazard associated with Obama and the Fed having coddled the stock market to the extent they have. If you look at John Galt funny he is going to decamp to Libertyland.


Could even be like Bush/Greenspan/Bernanke, who certainly did the same, and more, and had "the sucker go down" on their watch.


Could add an interesting political twist.


Of course all traces back to 1987 and then of course to the Clinton/Greenspan years where they lucked into the sweetest spot in the post Cold War/disinflationary period. And let the market get obscenely out of hand.


He handed that Old Maid off to GWB who tried to get it back up by driving the dollar down and fomenting a national financial crime wave- still only got the aggregate market back part way and that was with a negative 3% savings rate as everybody cashed out their home equity and bought marble countertops.


BTW, as far as Things Everybody Just Knows Urban Legends, the market collapse was well underway by the time 9/11 came along. But that's not how people remember it.

Re: Trump and Sanders responsible for stock market???

Wish I had a nickel for everytime somebody's told me that they were doing real good in the market until 9/11 came along. That was actually a lot closer to the bottom than the top which had been struck in March '00.


Does hurt like the dickens if you bailed then, though.

Re: Trump and Sanders responsible for stock market???

BTW further, the market top has pretty well conformed with what I'd been saying.


High Yield credit had begun to deteriorate sharply, usually an excellent sign that the cycle has run its course.


The market sold off sharply on the first sign of Chinese crisis in August but those capitalists lined all the short sellers up in front of a firing squad and asked them to reconsider. Tha boyz used that as an opportunity to get our major indexes back to positive on the year, almost, and then they got caught hoplding the bag on the first day of the year.


So I basically discounted the linked opinion piece as a a matter of, yeah, its his job, he's got to write something.