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Veteran Advisor

Trump breaks yet another promise

well AG will today announce they are going after those bad ole states that allow people with cancer, and other horrible diseases and

in huge amounts of pain, to be able to try and use mary jane..........


with all the crap going in Washington, don't they have something better to do.........but now, it is s ploy to distract everyone...........


tell me, what is soo bad, to give someone a chance to cut down on pain that is terrible.  mary jane does have some unique properties

to help block pain receptors, and is far cheaper than big pharma ideas.


but as for recreational use............if the people of that state voted on it, and a bill was crafted, that all agreed upon, I thought

that the federal could not interfere in state issues.


but we all now, tweety thinks he's god


these bozo's in his white house just can't do anything right !!!


perhaps trump needs to go out and visit those people in so much pain that their jaws are locked and they are just shaking.........

I've seen that

and yet this fool wants to make these people suffer


I find it sick, and they sure don't care about the American people......if they do this, and then healthcare is such a mess, 

it just proves long as you have money and in their circle, you are happy........


makes me wonder, what they are smoking


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Re: Trump breaks yet another promise

The promise he kept that put him over the top

in the election was to the religious and cultural extreme right. That is what got us Jeff Sessions. 


This move, in essence, a promise kept. His specific words at any given moment, before or since his  innaugaration, aren’t worth spit. 


an anecdote

from a woman running for the nomination for a D seat in congress.


Said she goes to meet people in fairly rough and tumble- fairly rural places with a lot of Trump signs and a few confederate flags, the #1 issue they want to talk about is weed- primarily because they think they could make some money off of it* but some plain 'ol Sammy type contrariness too- "the gubmint tries to take my still, they'll find out real quick."


Probably more than a few who might get past convictions wiped out too, like CA is talking about.


My guess is that this action alone won't change their support entirely but not sure it is a plus. Who that didn't support him would on account of this?


Of course as the current state statutes go, not going to be a lot of freelancers directly, and legally, participating.