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Trump business disaster


Sort of the ultimate irony that the high info crowd gets duped into supporting a Ponzi capitalist while the hostility is deflected onto The Other.


As far as criticisms of Romney's private equity career, there are some productive purposes in private equity, the scandal is that if there's a company that is so inefficient that it needs to be restructured then it can be done with a marginal tax rate of 50% or above on the people who profit on it. Giving an incentive with 10% carried interest rates just subsidizes pointless destruction- and funnels wealth upward.


Trump U and this casino scam are far worse as a matter of personal business conduct.


In the end, the most glaring deficiency cross 100% of the present and former GOP candidates is a desire to give The Real Enemies tax breaks and to roll back the modest and insufficient degree of financial regulation that followed the recent time when they nearly destroyed the US.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Trump business disaster

Ha, another "marketwatch" story.  That outfit must really be in the bag for the establishment.

bruce MN

Re: Trump business disaster

Following your posts over the past week to 10 days or so indicates that you are only one "letting go" from landing back on earth, spaceman.


Cautiously anticipating.