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Trump called the Big Bank CEOs on Thursday

after the 800 point Dow dump. Those are the sorts of guys who he actually admires and might listen to- as opposed to the fools and sycophants who survive in-house*. I'm sure that their primary message was to ***** as far as trade war tweets and utterances at his Nuremburg Rallies go. 

Don't know how long that might hold but there very well could be some calm for a while. Although the Prez' frustrations are undoubtedly a real symptom of the fact that the actual talks aren't getting anywhere, and eventually that reality will catch up. I'd say he'd actually be better off to quietly surrender on the trade thing and just focus on nativism and racism but not sure that's in his makeup.

The Trump Recession meme is way premature but from a political point of view may have value. If you happen to recall, in 1992 there was a curious phenomenon where there was in fact a very mild recession taking place, primarily owing to the cleanup of the S and L mess. But the MSM did, in fact, make "economic anxiety" the lead story, continuously, for many months before the election (which tends to produce economic anxiety). Data tends to be back-looking but it subsequently showed that we'd already been out of recession by the time of the election.

I guess if The Base wants to counter that particular MSM conspiracy they have enough collective lines of credit to do it.

So I'll give you that. It does offer some insight into the point in time where we entered weird world. Actually, that's when weird world went to the public arena- it had been brewing internally for more than a decade. Of longer, if you want to go back to the egg instead of the chicken.

*similar in the flailing and floundering foreign policy arena. 

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Re: Trump called the Big Bank CEOs on Thursday

and, of course, the MSM really doesn't control the media landscape any longer even if they make a nice foil for the President and RW media.

As amply shown in 2016, the high ground in the "information war" is digital.

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Re: Trump called the Big Bank CEOs on Thursday

(Trump called the Big Bank CEOs on Thursday)

Are you thinking that Trump should have invited them to the white house like Obama did?