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Re: Trump fighting losing battle?

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I guess you were too stupid to actually be paying attention during the election process. Maybe you were too busy being the "big shot" at the farm bureau - or maybe to many head concussions from your "big guns".

Look it up yourself - why do Americans, the best Americans - think that trump is a con man. Call his buddy billionaire in New York, Mr. Bloomberg, and get the skinny from him, Mr Bigshot.

Maybe, instead of prancing around showing off how much of a big shot you were, you could've put together a group health care plan for farmers, and saved them some money. Now, they get to pay a "fraction" of what they were paying for health insurance. A Big Shot FB man like you, surely could've made that happen. But now, you just look like another loser, just like our so called president.

I have all these big plans, secret plans, you're going to love my plans, but you have to elect me to see what they are! Republicans, of all people, bitched about similar words the entire election. Yet, you voted for a guy, who simply lied to you. And you don't have the balls to admit it....