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Senior Contributor

Trump has to win now

forget the possibility of prosecution for obstruction crimes after he leaves office- he's dead to rights as Individual #1 in the Stormy/Cohen case- felony conspiracy to commit campaign finance violations.

So he'll stir up his mob for a race war.

You ain't seen nuthin' yet.


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Senior Advisor

Re: Trump has to win now

You mean the race card is all you have left. From the guy who promised Mueller would march Trump out of the white house in handcuffs because he colluded with the russian to steal the election from Hillary the enabler Clinton.


Re: Trump has to win now

Tweets, press interaction and moves of the past couple of days confirm that as a fact of life the country at a number of levels from the casual voter from BF, Wherever on up through the Congressional leadership and the highest courts are going to have to prepare for and sort out.


Re: Trump has to win now

Bruce, did you use one of those online translation services to come up with that garbled sentence?

I just wonder if it made sense in the original Chinese.


Better Impeach him now, before he wins again.

I wonder if Pat knows how much he is revered in the red states of flyover country?