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Trump has vulnerabilities too

Granted, this is third hand stuff but tends to support what I believe to be almost certainly true.


This weekend I visited with a friend recently retired from a Fed agency who said that the next door neighbor in Fairfax was a mid-high level FBI guy. Years ago this guy said that the FBI had been watching Trump for years, were sure he was dirty but had never been able to nail him on anything- that he's a smart operator.


Even though Trump's thus far redefined what Teflon means I wouldn't get too comfortable thinking that there's not a bomb that could go off.


If you want a conspiracy theory I'd file this one away should future events begin to support it- that the PTB are trying to accomplish the near impossible- getting Clinton elected.


One problem with that is that the PTB desperately wanted GWB in 2000 but it turned out badly. Clinton was the pick in 2008 but they ended up having to settle for #2 or #3.



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Re: Trump has vulnerabilities too

I don`t understand the Trump phenomena, I`m as angry as no one else, but I cope with it by cacussing for Rand Paul, knowing he`d lose then perpared to support Jeb or Marco in the another sh*+ sandwich for the GOP if you will.   Trump surprised me, i`ll admit that, I misunderestimated him, no doubt.  But here again it isn`t so much "who`s president" as the people in the country.  Trump is popular, there`s no denying that, what that tells me is as angry as i am, my anger pales in comparison to this sea tide of anger out there...and that is good.  If "man" is going to correct this, it will have to start from anger and and fearlessness...maybe Trump is that man.



I heard on the radio about how Trump handles his baggage differently, he intuitively knows "define yourself BEFORE others define you".  With the Trump University deal, he attacks the judge in his case Smiley Very Happy  for pete sake...I`m glad he`s on our side.   Constrast that with Hillary whistling though the graveyard hoping no one asks about Emails or cattle futures or the hundred other scandals of hers.   Then Bernie Sanders, they ask him about Venezula and socialist running out of other people`s money, well Bernie gets a red face and runs away.    Trump "farts proudly" and I think even his not yet won over fans are impressed with that.