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Veteran Advisor

Trump is out of control

Due to him having COVID19...

and the election soon...and 

To have the canidates answer

Questions...the debate was going

to be done remotely.....everyone

Is ok with it......but trump !!!

Doesnt he get it....he has the virus

He is spreading at the white he wants to do it

At the debate ??

He just does not get concern

For people around him...and he

Want to remain the president....

Then yesterday....he said the viris

Was a blessing.....

Talk to the over 210,000 families

That lost loved ones.


For the life of me, I cant understand how anyone could

Support a man...a setting president, saying such things...

Whereby his tax records prove

He is not the bright business man

He claimes...and despite him claiming his economy is so

Strong...he has all these wonderful

Trade agreements....why then

Do we have THE BIGGEST trade

deficiet in 14 years !!!!

Im tired of the tired

Of hearing ""how great I am".

A leader of the people is humble.


3 Replies
Veteran Advisor

Re: Trump is out of control

Oh Lord!   It’s hard to be humble, when your perfect in every way.....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying or fear mongering.... or voter suppression.


Senior Contributor

Re: Trump is out of control

God isn’t listening to you, is He?  

You go vote for the Evil Ones, Kansas will vote otherwise, your vote means nothing. 


Senior Advisor

Re: Trump is out of control

I remember a friend who used to say he hated Obama because he was a narcissist (spoiler- that isn't the real reason).

I guess being black and not slinking around like Step n' Fetchit does require a little.