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Trump is still the king

Trump Dominates 2024 Presidential Polls in Survey (

Not my first choice, but I will vote for the guy if he ends up on the ballot.

The question is how high of a real vote he needs to get to overcome ballot harvesting and car trunk votes.

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Re: Trump is still the king

Party out of power gets to go first. Mid July.  Not that far away. 

It’s a paradox for the RNC. Dennison needs to be on the ballot in order to generate any substantial turnout, therefore  helping the down ballot.  Anybody else and cultists stay away in droves. 

BA Deere
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Re: Trump is still the king

The sleeves in this ol Cummins formerly known as America the great are cavitating, 2 gallon of water is in the oil every time we run it... can we disc another 40 or will it throw a rod in another 10 acres?  I think, take the radiator cap off and put a whole new tractor under it at this point.  Electing a new president is like buying all the head gasket sealers at O`Reillys, Auto Zone and NAPA , the sleeves are still cavitating, so do we go back to O`Reilly and try their additives again?  Might as well, prolong the pain as long as we can. 

A "new additive" we might try in a perfect world would be if Trump would understand that while he brought the dirty fingernail Harley ridders into the GOP tent, he shuts out a equal or greater amount of Independents who we have to trick into voting for us (for their own good)... I mean that`s just the unvarnished truth about it.  America is like a drunk that hasn`t hit rock bottom yet, the question is will it be Jesus or the antichrist who picks up the pieces when rockbottom is hit?  My money is on the antichrist, unfortunately.  

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Re: Trump is still the king

Doesn't matter who the nominee is BA, the FBI/media/censorship wing of the dem party will be there to take them down. Even if it is lizz cheney. The anti christ is just toying with us at this point. But every once in a while the mouse gets away from the toying cat. There are more good people in the FBI than bad and they are starting to flip on each other. I'm going to put my money on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Either way I have no fear. He will protect me.

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Re: Trump is still the king


Trump is still the king.”

...and do not think for a New York minute that that prospect does not outright terrify some of the most powerful people now living in Washington, DC, on Wall Street, out in Silicon Valley and in Hollywood.

The first POTUS primary debates for 2024 begin in only six months. Let the fun begin, but also let the best man or woman win.

Re: Trump is still the king

Agreeing with you, but not sure for the same reason. 
Lots and lots of Republican faithfuls pulling for him  

GQP pols facing re-election want him on the ballot or else nobody shows up to vote. 
More convinced by the day here that he is only running because he is convinced that nobody at the Federal level has the balls to charge him with anything while he’s actively in the election mix. 

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Re: Trump is still the king

The sleaziest, filthiest 20% of the GQP who are the true Trump Cultists are a real problem for the rest.

But the nihilists and opportunists who make up the other 80% deserve every bit of torment that’s coming.

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Re: Trump is still the king



As of today, I suspect that Brandon will eventually walk from his “purely innocent & unintentional” classified materials mishandling, Godzilla will get indicted by the independent counsel appointed by the same DOJ/FBI responsible for Brandon’s case, and the monster’s poll numbers for 2024 will go up in spite of it all.

Moreover, when Godzilla is finally ushered off the stage, historians are likely to have a field day in trying to explain the enormous self inflicted damage done by the MSM, Congress, the two major political parties, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, US State Department, and Homeland Security to their own reputations in their attempts to kill the beast.

Win or lose, Godzilla has already done grave danger to those in power. The destruction, while not complete, is nevertheless significant.


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Re: Trump is still the king

Biden will get the  Jim Comey style Hillary indictment/ exoneration press conference and Trump will be indicted this summer.

One guy has the ability to declassify any document - Trump 
The other guy does not as senator and VP - *

They will turn the law upside down to get one man like they have for 6yrs now

Democrats only lose if the RNC changes leadership and has a monster ground game (ballot harvesting) and has legal in all the swing States months ahead of time. Rona loves losing and that why the MSM and establishment types love Mittons niece. Nancy and the swamp made sure they have the upper hand in desiring what the peasants want for politicians.

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Re: "One guy has the ability to declassify any document - Trump "?

You're basing your whole argument on a false premise.  It didn't work for trump, aka, election fraud. But that's OK, don't let me stop you.