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Senior Advisor

Trump loosing friends

Story out that one of the few media's that supported
Trump when he ran..the Topeka Capital journal,
Will run editorial on trump, in response of Trump's
Illogical hate of the media...unless the media
Does not shine him in a good light.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised that it partly in
Response to Trump's boy won the primary,
And as much, will most likely start to
Act like trump.
More than likely in a few months we'll have
A little dictator in control in Topeka. He knows
It all just like trump.
We'll be building a fence from SW ks to SE KS,
To keep out those people from Oklahoma, we
Will reject trade deals with Nebraska, and limit
People moving in from Missouri and Colorado.
To vote you'll need an iris scan and a DNA sample.
Soon we'll have MKGA caps...The High Plains
Journal will be fake news.

Maybe it's time to move, to the promised land...Iowa ?

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Senior Contributor

Re: Trump loosing friends

No, just stay right where you are.

Maybe Trump needs to tighten up his friends? I think he runs a tight ship.
Senior Advisor

Re: Trump loosing friends

A  rubber dingy full of holes

Jim V1
Veteran Contributor

Re: Trump loosing friends

Don’t worry, Trump has a chit load of
Flex Seal!
Veteran Advisor

Re: Trump loosing friends

He should use it where it really counts.....on the keys to any electronic device he tries to use, and his filthy mouth!


Tick Tock....BONGx11!!!!!!!!!!!