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Trump pardoned

Steven and Dwight Hammond...Oregon cattle ranchers on Tuesday.


Its about time.


Perhaps Trump will fire a few federal prosecutors and circuit court judges now.


This erroneous prosecution crap has gotten Old.


Maybe now the Hage family will be paid the $14mill the feds owe em on that taking.


Ole man Hage beat the Feds Every case for 22 years strait on that fed taking of 6000 acres.

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Re: Trump pardoned

And I thought it was "Trump,pardoned".


Even though it is probably a little too soon for that.


Crooked Donald is trying to increase his odds of beating the rap with the jokes he is nominating to the supreme court.


And if those Oregon ranchers been Mexican or Negros, they would have been killed before there arrest. Terrorists!

BA Deere
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Re: Trump pardoned

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Re: Trump pardoned

Is that as meaningful as your evangelicals "thoughts and prayers"?


I am trembling in my boots!

Re: Trump pardoned

I don't really know, so I'll ask.


Are the Hammonds and Hages special education dropouts like the Bundys?

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Re: Trump pardoned

Trump is forbidden by the constitution to pardon himself since he will most likely be impeached.
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Re: Trump pardoned

Their neighbors don't seem to think so. But now you think people should be prosecuted based on the amount of education they have? That's how royalty rules. If you are a high classed politician like Harry Reid you can do no wrong. You a dumb cow pusher you go to jail.