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Veteran Contributor

Trump's craziest day yet

when he revealed himself to be The Messiah and had a hissy fit because Denmark won't sell him something they don't own.

But as much as I might hate to admit it, it did totally bury the story that BLS revised job creation since Q1 '18 down by 501,000.

I think he and his administration are terrified by the data they're seeing.

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Veteran Contributor

Re: Trump's craziest day yet

Yes, 501K.


Re: Trump's craziest day yet

Who knows. He co-opted Truman’s Denmark notion.  Maybe he’ll channel FDR and initiate a later day WPA to get them folks aworkin’.  Get next tier to pay for it.


Senior Advisor

Re: Trump's craziest day yet

Just one more reason to choke off ILLEGAL immigration. We have plenty of American workers.