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Trump's final line of defense

appears to be forming.

They'll try to implicate Mike Pence and thus assure that the GOP will leave Trump untouched so as to not coronate President Pelosi*.

Yes, that's where we got ourselves to.

Like this thing finally crossing the line, it happens slowly, then quickly. Don't know when the earthquake from the mass realization that we're seriously in Banana Republic territory strikes, but it is coming.

*actually a caretaker Presidency of less than a year (with a Republican Senate) would only cause the world to come to an end if people with Pelosi Derangement Syndrome deem that it must.

Would be a nice addition to the "what's not right in this picture" meme with the black feller in the POTUS lineup.

I guess that inside of 210 days she could fill the cabinet with interim appointments? Another reason why that won't happen- there are crime waves underway in many of those departments.

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Re: Trump's final line of defense


and Pence is saying go Trump ! Fight Trump !  wait......whaaaaaa.....

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Re: Trump's final line of defense

You type so much Knox....if only any of it were true.