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Senior Advisor

Trump's loyalty test.

There are about a dozen republican senators and 100 republican representatives who plan to challenge the electors from five states.  I guess the idea is that by challenging five states to drag it out as long as possible in the hopes of breaking something loose for trump by discrediting the very idea of democratic elections.  If they're successful, we may never have a democratic election in this country again, there certainly won't be any reason to.

  But even if their gambit fails, it will serve as a loyalty test for the republicans that trump will use against anyone who doesn't side with him.  The Tea Party made it almost impossible for a moderate republican to get elected, this goes one step further, only republicans trump backs will get to run.  You can see what this will invariably lead to, one-man rule.

  I have never been so apprehensive about the American experiment with democracy than now.  I feel like it's really in danger of slipping away.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Trump's loyalty test.

Your thinking seems correct. I can only hope that signs like Tom Cotton turning on Trump means the death of the Trump Party. I hope Republicans and other types of right wingers realize there is a better political model among them. I hope they admit to themselves how bad Trump has been and how much better any one of them could do to replace Trump. Sadly, there may be worse, but not more devious. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Trump's loyalty test.