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Trump's secret sauce

isn't really that secret.


It shouldn't have come as a surprise that he beat Clinton in the general even though all the other major contenders polled better against her than he did.


The story is that he went around the GOP field like Guderian around the Maginot Line.


The reason is that for a few decades now, RW talk radio, Fox, the net stuff has sold the fable that in the not too distant past life was really good and simple for Good People and will be again some day if their enemies- libs and so-called experts- are extirpated.


Thus The Base doesn't want no steenkin' policies- they just hate their enemies and are thrilled when Trump punches them on their behalf.


You gotta feel sorry for the people who created this- or at least rode it- and never understood it like a con man from Queens did. But they're currently busy realizing their dreams- and destroying their party and severely damaging the country on behalf of their masters.