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Veteran Advisor

Trump says:

Roger Stone’s “prayer to be pardoned” just might be answered. 

Another nail in the Trump coffin.  Trump probably thinks he needs the Dirty Trickster out of prison, so he can rejoin his campaign. 

Just another reason, Trump should’ve been removed from office long ago.  And the cult here, will think it’s just fine....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying.....


2 Replies
Senior Advisor

Re: Trump says:

I guess we've already proven that Congress' subpoena power means nothing if there's no means of enforcement.

But I believe he would no longer have 5A immunity and would have to either answer questions or risk being jailed for either contempt or perjury.

Senior Advisor

Re: Trump says:

Might be fun to order the Sargent at Arms to send the Capitol Police out to grab him, just for giggles.