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Veteran Advisor

Trump sinks even deeper into the gutter

Trump wants to cut off funding

To the cdc for testing and tracing.


I dont know the word for how

Stupid and how low life it is.


He is soo desperiate, he is willing

To have people die so he can

Appear he is right and the death

And infection rate is so high.

I believe it criminal

So if  someone is test

Them to see what is wrong...

In order to properly treat them,

You need to know what is wrong.

Then to help stop the

Must identify those exposed

And could have the disease....

That is the human thing to do.


If you support such a stupid idea

I hope you catch the the virus...

You deserve it.


Im sorry....that is it, it is morally

Wrong...its its dumb, stupid...

And if you agree, I have no use

For you either...

Dont even to respond to this,

I dont want to hear it....and if

You too have blood

On your will you

Explain yourself on the judgement

Day, when you were aginst protecting and loved your

Fellow your little

Black book....assuming you 

Can read.


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Senior Advisor

Re: Trump sinks even deeper into the gutter

So, we're gnashing and thrashing about additional funds.  Senators  had drafted a proposal that would allocate $25 billion in grants to states for conducting testing and contact tracing, as well as about $10 billion for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and about $15 billion for the National Institutes of Health, according to a person familiar with the tentative plans, who cautioned that the final dollar figures remained in flux. They had also proposed providing $5.5 billion to the State Department and $20 billion to the Pentagon to help counter the virus outbreak and potentially distribute a vaccine at home and abroad.  All of that totaled a mere $75.5 billion in additional funding proposed.  That's on top of everything else already approved, department budgets, and spending at state, county and local levels, etc.  $75.5 BILLION.  That divided by 3.7 million possibly infected with the virus since the beginning, is  around $20,000 additional funding per case, or nearly $30,000 per case still reportedly infected.  This is on top of what each state has been doing, on top of the previous $3 TRILLION in economic relief packages and other efforts, some of which has yet to be spent.  There are apparently some that think perhaps we should be taking a closer look at what we're spending, and whether or not it's having the intended impact where needed.  I'm sure whatever the House has proposed has been greater $$$ than whatever has been proposed in the Senate.   Still, what the media has focused on is that Trump wants to slash funds from CDC testing and tracing, funds that likely have not been in short supply.  AND, near as I can see, these are not existing funds being 'slashed', these are PROPOSALS for increased spending.  While testing and tracing are both important factors in getting the virus spread under control, the problems identified in testing and reporting deserve further study, refinement and transparency, and the tracing activities have proven ineffective or impossible in larger scale situations (such as where a few people tested positive who had been in multiple areas with much larger groups within a few days prior to testing, thus each potentially exposing unknown multiple others in each setting, and so on). 

I would be much more concerned about opening up in areas where infection levels remain high, or increasing, especially for those in higher risk groups, such as senior living and activities, nursing homes, etc.

And, why are test results taking days to come back, when we read of same-day results being possible a few months ago.  If breathing on someone can potentially give them the virus, why do they need to stick a swab up your nose to get a sample from so far back?  If a saliva test has been proven in studies, let's roll it out.  Why are we still reading of so many false positive test results?  Why are there still positive test results being reported from check samples that were sent in that had swabbed nothing?

Was reading a story this morning that greatly praised NY governor about having gone from 40% infection rate to as low as 1% -- the way it sounded, he would have been extolled as a god if they had 60% infection rate instead of 40% at their peak -- total disregard for how and why it got so high in the first place, the nursing home problems, etc.

And, seriously, you offer up to $30,000 per case to someone to contact them and trace their 3-5 day pre-test contacts, you'll get a lot of takers, and won't have to spread all that money ineffectively around the state department, pentagon, CDC, etc.  Heck, count me in -- that's a lot better money than farming, even after the expenses of travel and suiting up everywhere I go.  And each contact traced that tests positive, is another potential $30,000 to trace all their contacts.

Do what you need to do to protect yourself.  Do what your heart says you must do to protect others.  There are no invalid opinions.  Just because YOU think it's right, doesn't mean it must therefore be mandatory.  The principles upon which this country was founded remain applicable.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Trump sinks even deeper into the gutter

True...alot of stuff out there.

I scanned my emails, and one

Of my cataloges comes that way.

I noted on page 1...covid testing

Supplies....there are "emergency"

Tests less than an hour....and

Cheap.  A better test, a local hosp

Chargemaster shows $152...but

Fairly fast....but what gets me

$710 for a box of 25 tests.

You are right.....budget

Note....trump has not talked

Budget.....and remember the

Way we operate...we dont talk

About it unless it makes us

Look good.