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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Trump surges up 3% pts over TOB


9% lead among white women....some of you liberals might want to look twice at your wives

now.....must be a lot of "democrat" women smelling the coffee.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Trump surges up 3% pts over TOB

They might be getting tired of being told they are bigots for wanting their own showers and restrooms.

Polaris Racer
Senior Contributor

Re: Trump surges up 3% pts over TOB

uh-oh Hillary is going to get beat. Humm didn't I say that 6 months ago?

bruce MN

Re: Trump surges up 3% pts over TOB

That long promised indictment can't come soon enough.  It would seem obvious that the right is going to fight indictment more than the Democrat leadership is.  Myself, I'd hope to see it come down tomorrow..


Re: Trump surges up 3% pts over TOB

In a presumed matchup that will be much more about who people are voting against than for, probably a necessary part of the process.


All things being as we believe them to be now I only see a narrow path to an El Donaldo victory- that being a totally unprecedented turnout by the white demographics that typically haven't and for some reason, low turnout from Hispanics and the Bernie crowd.


The other swing piece is upper middle class Republicans- whether they vote their interests or with The Tribe. Nobody ever said that if you happen to have been successful in business or a profession that means you're a genius. Actually a lot of people have said that, they're just wrong.