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Re: Trump thinks muder is ok......FOX NEWS !!

Move... Don't let the door hit you in the back side.

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the USA may have been part of the WW II winning coalition,but they lost the high ground when Truman dropped the atomic bombs ....well, even before when they started fire bombing Tokyo  and burning civilians.

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i really dont understand the logic behind some comments


first, the use of atomic weapons.....first, this was at a time of war......things are a bit different in war...understand the factory's that

made parts and weapons were in japan, one way to fight a war is to attack the places that make the war  machine.


if you read history.....not what all the "so called" fact people now.....the dropping of the bomb was not an easy disision to make.

MILLIONS of lives were saved.....yes lives were lost....but understand this was war


as far as drones and hellfire missles.  These are mainly to help fight terrorism.  these weapons usually do not cause damage

to large areas.  They are "surgically precise" strikes, at least they try, to do away with people who are threats to the security

of the united states and others. 


now, since you bring that, just how do you propose we deal with the threat of terror ????


go out and tell them that's a no no ?


for trump to come out and say we kill people too, and we are no better......that's just plain wrong.....


you need to read the post on why we think it's ok to tell "alernative facts"......


never in my life have i heard of such a thing....alternative facts....we called them a lie.


just by bring up such a thing like using the atomic bomb and using the drones and need to talk to some

fellows in WWII, and the reason why it was used.....same with fellows in the service now, about the use of drones and

etc.......we have been conditioned by the "conservatives", how the media is wrong, and they are the only one's right,

they have created a monster, where now only the president is right......but the facts show different, but we dont

believe the media, because people in the conservative movement, such as rush and others, have made the

media, out to be something they are not......

people today don't know know the difference betwee the truth and a lie

and that is where the scarry stuff starts


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"for trump to come out and say we kill people too, and we are no better......that's just plain wrong....."


Who said, "and we are no better"?

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You're a bit naive el chap, so I'll try to break this easy. 


You know about cowboys and indians..... the indians weren't necessarily the bad guys.

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Re: Trump thinks muder is ok......FOX NEWS !!

So Putin is the same as us. ??

Read about the KGB and how it struck fear
In the Russian people.

When he was reminded he was a killer, trump
Basicly said so what....

Then the sitting president says we do too

I feel sorry for you that you can't understand
That it isn't right.

It's just wrong

As for the Indians, yes that wasnt good.

But we are speaking about now...

If you want to go down that road, read about

Russian history
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Re: Trump thinks muder is ok......FOX NEWS !!

If you want to talk about now, the kgb ceased existence in 1991. 


You really have never heard of the multitude of murders and overthrows of the cia?  Democratically elected governments overthrown?  You really don't know about that?  Really? 


Educate yourself.