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Senior Contributor

Re: Trump to resume campaign rallys

(Look at the markets....look at rural     financial data....businessman on     Main street in rural america..have     A talk with them     The ones I talk to say, they can not     Afford another 4 years of trump.)

Do you mean that when it's convenient, we are not a bunch rich old white racist?

And joe biden is rural America's savior?


Senior Contributor

Re: Trump to resume campaign rallys

@elcheapo wrote:

No....because someone ruined

The markets and trade deals...

Who give refiners passes on

Using ethanol....


Clinton had a simple sign in his

Campain office "the economy 



I dont think this one would pass



Cheaps, you went into a hysterical breakdown about people gathering on Memorial weekend, where panicked that people might not wear a mask, then said nothing as thousands gathered in tight groups to protest, loot and burn.   Now you're back to whine about trump.  Just ridiculous.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Trump to resume campaign rallys

Show me where a “Main Street in RURAL AMERICA”, like ElCheapo referred to, got looted and burned.

Wheres the crying from 4 years ago, where you couldn’t afford your health insurance (I’m SURE you’re paying the SMALL FRACTION” of what you were paying then, for the same insurance now, as you were promised) and how FAKE the stock market was.   And how that WASN’T THE ECONOMY  THAT WAS GOING ON IN AMERICA.  Now, Trump has put trillions - TRRRIIIILLIIIOOONNNSSS into today’s fake economy - including the manipulation of the Fed to get interest rates to zero.  And now - NOT A SINGLE WORD.  A balance budget was all we heard when the Democrats were in office - now - NOT A WORD.  Money to burn from this administration.  And not a word from you guys.’s all good now.   We’ll see how good it will be after November.


Senior Advisor

Re: Trump to resume campaign rallys

Oh, that's right. All of the looting, burning, rioting took place in dem run large cities. The small towns were shut down by science.

Senior Advisor

Re: Trump to resume campaign rallys

Jen....they are not worth the 

Power it takes their computers

Use to make their comments.

I had dinner with a local clergy.

We had a nice, long visit.....

I think we discussed people

Simular to some of the posters


There is no use to even talk to

You people...they feed on their

Own anger...trump...his history,

Actions and words says it all.

So im not going to fight with you.

I read some other post here over

The past 36 hours....they were terrible and disgusting.  

Such attacks....people should be

Ashamed....all in the name of trump.

If that does not give you an insight

To what he brings out in people

And the like....this country is


If you read your will

Be shocked by how things are

Being done in the white house.




Senior Advisor

Re: Trump to resume campaign rallys

Would it be like the attacks on Trump saying he colluded with the russians to win the election and was nothing more than there puppet? Or would it be like the attacks on his supreme court nominee Brent Kavanaugh proclaiming him to be a preppy rapist? I don't remember your outrage over those lies, in fact I seem to remember you piling on. Did you and your local clergy discuss those things?