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Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

situations like this remind me of the battle of the Wilderness in 1864, Lee vs Grant.


Lee under estimated Grant , Lee figured Grant would act like the previous Northern Generals. Lee bloodied up the Union pretty good in that battle and expected Grant to pull back , rest and refit. Lee was bloodied up pretty badly also. Grant essentially turned it into a Union victory by packing up, and advancing south and pushing and controlling the end game. The end game was win the War. Grant knew he would lose some battles with Lee , but he also knew he could win the War. He had the numbers and wasn't afraid to use them. He knew it would be a bloody mess but that eventually he would come out on top if only through the preponderance of the weight and size advantage he had.


Let Trump win this small battle, let him crow and brag like he is prone too. All the while you just quietly set him up to lose the war.


He will have another temper tantrum later, and he will do another shutdown to get his way,  he can't help it , then drop the net. By then the American public will see his tired game and say enough. If you keep robbing the same Bank, on the same day of the week, at roughly the same time of day , they will finally get you.