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Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

He already had around $20billion but rejected it.
Here's a timeline of DACA under Trump:

September 5, 2017: Trump announced an end to the DACA program, which protected young undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children from deportation. President Barack Obama instituted the work permits and protections in 2012.

September 13: Trump has dinner with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi at the White House, after which the two Democrats say they agreed in broad strokes to a DACA-border security deal that doesn't include Trump's wall. Trump initially seems on the same page, then the White House and Republicans walk it back. Trump tweets about how "good, educated and accomplished" DACA recipients are.

October 8: The White House unveils what it calls its priorities for a DACA deal, a laundry list of aggressive conservative immigration measures that Democrats and a handful of Republicans rejected as rife with poison pills.

November 1: After a terrorist attack in New York City, Trump begins to emphasize ending the diversity visa lottery and family-based migration.

November 2: Republican lawmakers meet with Trump at the White House and rule out attaching any DACA deal to year-end funding bill before a possible shutdown.

December 21: Lawmakers pass government funding into the new year and leave town without a deal, despite Democrats' previous pledges to not go home without one.

January 9: Trump holds bipartisan meeting at the White House that cameras televise for nearly an hour. He indicates multiple times he is willing to compromise on DACA, despite some contradictions within the meetings, and says "when this group comes back -- hopefully with an agreement -- this group and others from the Senate, from the House, comes back with an agreement, I'm signing it." The so-called "four pillars" also come out of this meeting -- that a deal shall include DACA, family-based migration, the diversity lottery and border security.

January 9: Federal court puts hold on Trump's plan to end DACA, ordering renewals of permits to continue but no new applications.

January 11: After months of meetings, Democrat Dick Durbin and Republican Lindsey Graham go to the White House to propose to Trump a compromise worked out by their group of six bipartisan senators. The offer includes a path to citizenship for eligible young immigrants, the first year of Trump's border wall funding, ending the diversity visa lottery and reallocating those visas, and restricting the ability of former DACA recipients to sponsor family.

Trump and the White House invite hardline Republicans to the meeting and he rejects the deal, making his now-infamous "*****hole countries" comment in the process.

January 19: House before a government funding deadline, Schumer and Trump meet for lunch at the White House. Schumer offered Trump the upwards of $20 billion he wanted for his border wall in exchange for a pathway to citizenship for the eligible immigrant population. The deal is rejected, and government shuts down at midnight.
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Senior Contributor

Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall



But they got The Base* too Energized.


They compromise and they'll wish they were just facing pitchforks at home rather than AK 47s with bump stocks.


*actually the far right punditry that leads The Base around by the nose.

Senior Contributor

Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

I say give him the 5 billion.  Ball in his court then , he will then have to act with it ( he has no intention of building it ).


He will build a few miles for photo ops and will keep his 35 and sour the 65. Plus they would take away one of his dog whistles. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

I kinda like that. I think I’ll write my reps and tell them that.
Senior Contributor

Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

Was that another deal like they gave Reagan?  


Either fund the wall or shut down government.  There has been a path to citizenship for a very long time.  We don't need another mass amnesty or illiterate, uneducated Democrats at the polls and welfare offices. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

situations like this remind me of the battle of the Wilderness in 1864, Lee vs Grant.


Lee under estimated Grant , Lee figured Grant would act like the previous Northern Generals. Lee bloodied up the Union pretty good in that battle and expected Grant to pull back , rest and refit. Lee was bloodied up pretty badly also. Grant essentially turned it into a Union victory by packing up, and advancing south and pushing and controlling the end game. The end game was win the War. Grant knew he would lose some battles with Lee , but he also knew he could win the War. He had the numbers and wasn't afraid to use them. He knew it would be a bloody mess but that eventually he would come out on top if only through the preponderance of the weight and size advantage he had.


Let Trump win this small battle, let him crow and brag like he is prone too. All the while you just quietly set him up to lose the war.


He will have another temper tantrum later, and he will do another shutdown to get his way,  he can't help it , then drop the net. By then the American public will see his tired game and say enough. If you keep robbing the same Bank, on the same day of the week, at roughly the same time of day , they will finally get you.

Senior Contributor

Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

If the Democrat's agreed to give  $20billion before now that he is asking for less are you having a pop fit?


Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

I think it was 25B.  All he had to was extend DACA but the Coulter-Limbaugh-Falwell voters would have considered him a traitor to their causes. 


It’s a mess.  Bring on that Emergency Declaration.

Senior Contributor

Cut and paste?

this isn't your own words, is it Mr. Moustache?


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Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

I previously posted a link to townhall that showed the when and why of the "offer" from Schumer, and how he never honored it when the democratic base began to howl.


But I guess you cannot even post a link here anymore.