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Re: Trump wants democrats to agree to $5billion for wall

"If my dentist said I didn't have to pay - OR someone else IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT - who would you believe ?"

One of my old high school running buddies is my Dentists. And I have dental insurance. But he still asks for payment upon services rendered. So i whip out a VISA card. A week to 3 later, the insurance company sends me check in the mail.

Who paid for it?

The President is requesting that Congress whip out their VISA and pay the fabricators for the work they're doing.

He knows he has insurance. Just because you dont understand what is going to happen doesn't make him a liar.

Heck the idiots trying to run him down actually cant help but prove him right. There's many ways to make Mexico pay. And there's plenty of ways to leverage them if necessary.

How much money was confiscated from El Chapo?

Is the President going to pull out of NAFTA?

If you listen to his words in the article I posted earlier and not the simpletons trying to spin everything, he told everyone early on that there are many options to make Mexico pay.

He sits in the most powerful office in the world...what do you not get about that? And his most famous campaign promis and you really think he isn't going to check it off the list? Lolololol.